Welcome from all of us at the AEE!

About Us

The Alternative Energy Enterprise is a multidisciplinary, student-run company out of the Chemical Engineering department at Michigan Tech. Our goal is to create or improve technologies to create a sustainable future where our energy needs are met via carbon-neutral sources, lowering our carbon footprint and allowing for energy independence in local communities.

Starting out focusing on biofuels (a team which AEE is still proud to have actively running tests,) we have branched out to include geothermal heat, solar power, and sustainability, not only to follow the interests of our students, but to meet the growing demand for engineers and scientists with a familiarity with alternative energy technology.

As we continue to grow, we are constantly on the look out for team members with new ideas for projects that would be a good fit for our enterprise and are willing to work with members on the projects they would like to see built by AEE.

Come meet us!

Enterprise meeting:
Tuesdays, 4pm
Chem Sci, 211


The AEE is proud to be involved in multiple public outreach programs for sustainability, alternative energy, and STEM education. Contact our outreach chair, Paul Kamps, to ask us where you can find us, or to invite us to get involved with your project!

Current Teams


The biofuels team works to create fuels from renewable resources for a more susainable future.


The solar team works with local cities and organizations to use green energy to make energy costs more afforable.

Sustainability Demonstration House

Several AEE members and interested students live in this historic building to explore practical means of reducing the amount of energy used by the average home.


The REMM team works with the Oshkosh corporation to look for peaceful applications for a renewable energy mission module.


Using the many abandoned mines in the Keweenaw, the geothermal team uses the constant temperature of underground minds to provide heating and cooling to local homes.

Microbial Fuel Cell

The microbial fuel cell team is working to convert the energy generated by bacteria breaking down organic wastewater into electricity.