Team Members: Anna Johnson (Env. Eng, 4), Jacob Orlando (Chem Eng, 5), Cameron Palmer (Chem Eng, 4)

In recent years, reducing food waste has become a growing topic of interest from local to federal organizations. Increase in worry about food scarcity and environmental impacts from food waste has prompted a rising concern, and a look into how the excess food problem can be managed and/or prevented will prove very important.

In an effort to eliminate the consumption waste stream, The Composting Team is working to understanding and evaluating different methods of composting, in order to determine the feasibility of each method for the Keweenaw region of Upper Michigan. With the understanding of the composting process, the team will work to produce an organic fertilizer that is made entirely from food waste discarded in the dinning halls, that can be used safely on Michigan Tech's campus. We also hope to provide education to the community on proper ways to compost at home at a smaller scale

Fall 2020 Final Report

Fall 2020 Mid-Semester Presentation

Spring 2021 Mid-Semester Presentation